Openview Customer Care Contact Details

Openview Customer Care Contact Details are -WhatsApp 082966 6429 or call the Openview Call Centre 0861 696 843

Openview is free satellite TV. Once-off payment and no monthly fees.

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Openview Customer Care Contact Details

What is OpenView?

  • Openview is South Africa’s first free-to-air satellite TV service platform.
  • Already in over 3 million homes nationwide and currently with over 18 TV and 28 radio channels (with some channels in HD), you get non-stop entertainment for the whole family.
  • Enjoy local and international shows, including – blockbuster movies, drama, series, kids’ entertainment, reality, sports & news, Bollywood, as well as Turkish and Indian telenovelas dubbed in English and Afrikaans. Plus, you get to keep your favourite SABC channels and
  • With 100% coverage, you can get crystal-clear picture quality wherever you are in South Africa and a whole lot more premium entertainment, For Free Forever!
  • You only have to pay once, there are no contracts and, most importantly, No Monthly Payments!
Openview Customer Care Contact Details
Openview Customer Care Contact Details

Email Contacts of OpenView

  • Website: › contact-us
  • or
  • call us 086 169 6843.
  • Platco Digital (Pty) Ltd Johannesburg.

Openview Physical Adress Or Location

  • Platco Digital (Pty) Ltd Johannesburg
    4 Albury Road
    Dunkeld West
    2196-South Africa
  • Postal address
    South Africa

Openview  WhatsApp Number

  • WhatsApp Number is : 0829666429
  • Call Center: 0861696843

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Openview FAQs

1. What do I get with Openview?

Local and international channels including Series, Entertainment, premium Kids & Learning channels, 24-hour A-grade blockbuster Movies, Bollywood, Reality, Sports, and News. Currently over 18 channels + 9 radio channels*, including your favourite SABC 1, 2, 3 and with (now in HD).

*Openview will, from time to time, add or remove channels to enhance our offering to our viewers.

2. How much will Openview equipment cost me?

Openview decoder prices start at R699 at leading retail stores nationwide, which is ideal if you already have a satellite dish on IS-20 satellite (pointing North-East). If you require a dish and decoder with installation, you can purchase an Openview decoder with an installation voucher (includes dish and installation).

3. What if I already have a satellite dish?

If you already have a working satellite dish on IS-20 satellite (same as DSTV), you just need to buy the Openview decoder, plug it in and activate. If you have a working satellite dish not connected to the IS-20 satellite – an Openview accredited installer can be booked to reposition your dish for you. The recommended dish size in RSA is 85cm. You can go to our website to find an Openview accredited installer

4. What if I don’t have a satellite dish?

If you have bought a decoder but have no satellite dish, you will need to contact an installer to install a dish and activate your decoder. You will pay an installer for a dish and installation (excludes decoder) OR buy a decoder with an installation voucher (includes dish and installation) from Checkers Hyper. Call the number on the voucher inside the box to book an installation.

5. How do I find an Openview Installer?

Find an installer in your area or visit the installer page on our website at to locate your nearest installer. Or you can contact our call centre on 0861 696843 for assistance. You can also book an installer through one of the following Openview distributors:

Space TV: (086) 140 4142

Switch: (086) 0 79 4824

Ellies: (086) 135 5437

6. Will I have to buy a new TV set?

No, you will not have to replace your current TV. Openview is compatible with all TV sets, both SD and HD, old and new.

7. Can I keep my DStv and also have Openview?

Yes, two decoders can be connected to a single TV using a dual LNB (call your local installer to assist).

8. Do I need an Openview decoder for every TV set in my house?

Every TV set needs its own Openview decoder to view different channels simultaneously.

9. Can you watch Openview anywhere in South Africa?

Openview has 100% coverage across South Africa. You will get a clear quality picture no matter where you live in SA.

10. Where can I buy Openview?

Openview is available nationwide at the leading retailers listed on our website, including Game, PEP, Pick n Pay Hyper, OK Furniture, House & Home, Makro, Fair Price, Checkers Hyper, Ackermans, Hi-Fi Corporation, Cash Crusaders and Jet Mart. See Get Openview for more information.


11. Do I need a TV License to buy Openview?

No, you do not need a TV licence to buy and watch Openview.


12. How do I subscribe to Openview?

You do not need to subscribe to Openview because it is free – there are no monthly fees and no contracts.  All you need is to buy an Openview decoder and satellite dish.


13. What if I live in an apartment complex, or block of flats?

Multi-unit dwellings that are already receiving DStv will be able to receive Openview channels. You can speak to your body corporate/Landlord or, our Openview distributors, and installers will be able to assist further with advice for first-time installations. You can book an installer through one of the following Openview distributors:

Space TV: (086) 140 4142

Switch: (086) 0 79 4824

Ellies: (086) 135 5437


14. What if I move house?

You can take your Openview decoder with you. You may also choose to take the satellite dish with you or have a new one installed. In which case, you would require assistance from an installer.


15. Can I get Openview outside of South Africa?

Openview and have not received licenses to operate in other countries yet, therefore the Openview decoder cannot be sold in countries outside of South Africa.


16. Will there be charges later on?

There are no charges currently or future on the Openview satellite platform. There are no sign-up fees, no monthly subscriptions, and no contracts.


17. Where can I find the TV guide?

Press the “EPG or GUIDE” button on your remote to see the 8-day TV guide.   You can also refer to the Openview website and view a 7-day TV guide there.


18. How do I use the parental control function?

Parents can lock programmes that are not suitable for their children to watch by choosing an appropriate “Lock Level”, depending on the parental guidance rating of the programme, and by following these steps using the remote control:

Press the “menu” button

Go to “settings”

Select “Parental Control” and then select the lock level you want.


19. How do I reset my parental control pin?

If you have forgotten your parental control pin, please use your mobile phone to dial *120*6843*1#Select option 3. Then follow the service instructions.


20. How can I become an installer?

Any accredited installer is authorised to install Openview. Contact one of the following distributors to find out more about installer training and accreditation.

  • Space TV: (086) 140 4142
  • Switch: (086) 0 79 4824
  • Ellies: (086) 135 5437

21. How can I have my channel on your bouquet?

Please put your Channel proposal in an MS Word/ PDF format and send it to The Channels Acquisition department will get in contact with you.


22. How can I have my programme on your channel?

We only provide a platform for channels and do not control their channel content. Kindly look at the list of channels we have on the Openview bouquet on our website, see which channel would be the best fit for your idea, and then approach the specific channel directly with your proposal.


23. Where do I take my decoder for repairs?

If your decoder is faulty, you need to return it to the retail store where you purchased it. One year warranty will apply on the decoder only when you provide proof of purchase to the retail store or contact our call centre for support.  Call centre – 0861 696 843


24. What is the guarantee that there will not be subscription fees in the future?

Apart from the word of, a trusted brand, the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT (CPA), safeguards viewers.


25. Which channels are in HD?  

We currently have several channels that air HD content, including, eToonz, eReality, eExtra, eMovies, eMovies Extra, StarLife, and SABC Sports.

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